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For HR#4 in the framework of BHART#01 a new way of showing will be necessary.

The space where the performance will be executed is not the space of the opening of the festival (see 'Space conditions' below).

Man has the hairiest head of all the animals. This 

is (a) due to necessity, because the brain is fluid, and 

the skull has many sutures ; and a large outgrowth 

necessarily occurs where there is a large amount of 

fluid and hot substance. But also (6) it is on purpose 

to give protection ; that is, the hair affords shelter 

both from excessive cold and from excessive heat. 

The human brain is the biggest and the most fluid 

of all brains ; therefore it needs the greatest amount 

of protection. A very fluid thing is very liable both 

to violent heating and \dolent cooling, while sub- 

stances of an opposite nature are less liable to such 



(Aristotle ; 


use of space

Graag haren opzijhouden voor

Dansperformance HR#4


Hans Van Dijck

Contact - 0486/310 214





Technical Rider

MATERIAL 4  copperplates of 2m X 1m – thickness 0,7mm.



For the performance live sounds will be used, picked up by condensator microphones and/or contactmicrophones (contactmicrophones I provide). The recordings of these sounds will serve as a crucial part of the soundtrack.

Equipment to be able to properly amplify these sounds is necessary. It doesn't need to be loud. So a small mixing desk of good quality would be sufficient


PA Speakers don't have to be ultrapowerfull. The sounds will rather be subtle.

FOH: 8 channels is enough + at least 1 stereo channel. Output channel for recording the mix.

MICROPHONES (important !) Possibly some condenser microphones.


LIGHT Basic light set with 8 par64 cans + 2/4 PC + 2 Profile spot Light mixing desk can be very simple. No programming is needed.  

VIDEO The cameraman will provide a proper videocamera + 1 or 2 smaller camera's from myself.


1 videobeamer (HD quality) + long connection cables (coax) for showing the performance in topview on one of the walls of the room next to the actual performance space (>audience reach / other perspective to look at live happening)


A television or videobeamer (HD quality) + DVDplayer with repeat-function.

This is for presenting the performance in the exhibition for the rest of the period the exhibition lasts. From 6 - 23 september.