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Recordings include a diversity of works based on the principle of physical image recording. 

There is no Pro-jection involved, as in Photographic- or Videorecordings.

These works do not wish to speak about the amazing effect of recording, but rather about the patterns of living creatures that co-created these works.

There is nothing new about this principle of Physical Recording. Take a look at Yves Klein for example, but also tha act of taking fingerprints from people, mostly done by the Police. The principle however is much, much older than that. Already in the first traces of images made by humans that we know, this can be found in the form of handprints on cavewalls as for example in Lascaux.

No wonder this principle keeps on popping up/keeps being used. I consciously take place in a long row of applications.


The application of Physical Recordings in the works united on this page aims to study behaviour of domestic(ated) animals.

Domesticated chickens and cats are being registered in the works on the page 'Trace Recordings'. More specificly their repetitive patterns closely related to feeding.

Domestic animals such as a mouse bred to be food or a spider passing by in the  lab/studio form irregular output in the research. The unplanned spider recording is therefor an exeption in the proces of making, as the recording didn't get onto a printable matrix, but stays frozen in the state before.

In 'of mice and men' the relation between domestic and domesticated is highlighted.